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By Phone

01865 92 22 92

Customers will be asked for their Telephone number and delivery address, together with the codes of the items they wish to order. A minimum food order value of £10 applies per Restaurant (excluding the delivery charge).



Browse through our online menus, select your favorite meals then click onto our secure online checkout (verified by Visa and MasterCard) and pay for your order using your Debit, Credit Card or PayPal. For security reasons and within 10 minutes of placing your order, you will receive a call from us to confirm your order before it is placed with the Restaurants.

Delivery Times

45-60 Min

We make every effort to get your food to you within 45 minutes of placing your order during off peak times. Please note this could increase to up to an hour during peak times. If there are any delays, rest assured we will let you know. Our food is transported in specially designed travel bags that plug into the lighter socket of the vehicle maintaining food temperature and food safety.

Delivery Charges

You will be charged a delivery fee which allows you to order items from up to 2 restaurants + the SnackShop. Delivery from more than 2 Restaurants will be subjected to a surcharge of £2.50 per Restaurant. We recommend not ordering from more than two restaurants for quality purposes.

Minimum Order

ORDER £10 - £15

A minimum food order of £10 applies per Restaurant (excluding the delivery charge). There is no minimum order when ordering from the SnackShop Menu providing that you are placing a food order.

Driver Gratuity

Our drivers will make every effort to get your order to you as soon as possible and although tipping is not mandatory it will be highly appreciated by our driver.

Customer Services

01865 92 22 92

We are more than happy to hear from our customers with suggestion of how we could make your experience a bit more pleasant, if you would like to chat to us please feel free to pick up the phone and let us know. If however, you do encounter a problem with your order, we would also like to hear from you so that we could find the best possible route to a resolution.